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  • Installation procedure of magnetic grid ruler
    1.Clean the magnetic grid ruler mounting surface with alcohol;2.Install the reading head support and magnetic grid ruler installation toolPrecautions:①Ensure that the clearance between the magnetic grid ruler installation tool and the magnetic grid ruler installation surface is large enough to facil   Read More>
  • Cautions On Using Ball Screw
    ● Do not let a ball screw nut overrun.It may cause the balls to fall out or damage the ball recirculation parts. ●When using a ball screw vertically,place a fall-off prevention mechanism since a ball screw nut may spin off due to its own weight. ●Use ball screws in clean environments.Dusts and chips   Read More>
  • What are the commonly used nut materials of lead screws?
    Trapezoidal lead screws are commonly used in various mechanical applications, such as CNC machines, 3D printers, and automation systems. The choice of material for the nut that runs along the lead screw is critical to the overall performance and durability of the system. In this article, we will dis   Read More>
  • How to select the preload level of TBI ball spline?
    The preload of the ball spline has a great impact on accuracy,load resistance and rigidity,so the appropriate clearance(preload)needs to be selected according to the use.The clearance values of each type have been normalized so that appropriate selection can be made according to the conditions of us   Read More>
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