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Bellows Linear Modules

The KK module itself is typically a compact and self-contained unit that performs a specific function within a larger system.It may be responsible for controlling the movement of certain components, transmitting power or signals, or performing other essential tasks.

Bellow KK Linear Modules

The bellows cover is a flexible and accordion-like covering that is typically made of a durable material such as rubber or plastic.It is designed to expand and contract as the KK module moves,providing a protective barrier against external elements.

Bellows Linear Modules Advantages
(1)The module is protected from damage caused by dust,dirt,and other contaminants that could potentially interfere with its operation. 

(2)The bellows cover helps to maintain the integrity of the module by preventing any internal components from becoming dislodged or damaged during movement. 

(3)The bellows cover also helps to reduce noise and vibration,thereby improving the overall performance and lifespan of the module.

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