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Cross Roller Cages

Cross roller guide cage,also known as cross roller guide retainer,refers to a set of linear guide in the middle of the sliding body,and with the movement of the retainer parts,to isolate the sliding body,usually also guide the sliding body and keep it moving in the linear track.

●Cross Roller Cage Function

The cage plays an equidistant role in the sliding guide rail to isolate the sliding body, prevent the sliding body from falling,and guide and drive the sliding body to move forward.The first damaged part of the guide rail is often the cage,the cage can be said to be the "frame" of the guide rail,and the sliding body is evenly distributed in an orderly manner,so that the sliding body is freely and evenly sliding between the upper and lower guide rails,and the load is uniformly acted on each part of the upper and lower guide rails.The cage is damaged and the sliding body is stuck or its surface is corroded so that the sliding body is not sliding,which is easy to greatly shorten the service life of the cross guide rail, increase the noise, and even damage.

●Cross Roller Guide Materials

The types of cage materials are bearing steel,stainless steel cage,bakelite,nylon cage,brass,bronze and aluminum alloy cage.

Cross Roller cage

cross roller cages

Cross Roller retainer

high quality cross roller cage

Steel cage has two kinds of stamping and solid;Using steel plate or steel forgings;The cage has high strength and light material; It is generally not affected by the mineral oil base or alkali oil base lubricants of the sliding rail; But this cage is susceptible to water,steam and rust;The operating temperature of the cage can reach 300℃.

Brass cages also have two kinds of stamping and solid;Materials include brass plates,brass castings or brass forgings;It is similar to the steel plate stamping cage,but the density is relatively small and the limit speed is high.The cage is not affected by lubricants, including synthetic oils and lipids;However,the brass cage can not be used for occasions above 300°C(the working temperature is lower than 300°C),and is not suitable for cooling with ammonia,because ammonia will cause seasonal breakage of brass;(Reischberg Cross rail Cage)

Polyamide cage is solid cage(injection molding method);Due to the advantages of high elasticity and light weight of polyamide nylon material,this cage has very good sliding and self-lubricating properties.Especially suitable for vibration impact stress or high acceleration or deceleration,or the bearing inner and outer rings tilt each other;However,polyamide nylon cages may be affected by special lubrication; Can not be used in vacuum,because it will become brittle due to dehydration;Its operating temperature is lower than -40 °C to 120 °C,and the temperature is too low to make nylon lose elasticity.

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