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Planetary Roller Screws

ALM imports high-precision manufacturing equipment to develop and manufacture a series of ultra-precision planetary roller screws for advanced technology applications.ALM has a highly qualified R&D and production team,which enables us to master the high-end manufacturing technology to ensure that the planetary roller screw can meet the most demanding high quality standards.

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Working Principle Of Planetary Roller Screw

Planetary roller screw is a mechanical device that converts rotational motion into linear motion.The planetary roller screw transmission method is different,around the main screw,the planet is arranged with 6-12 threaded roller screws,so that the rotating motion of the motor is converted into the linear movement of the screw or nut.Planetary roller screws can withstand thousands of hours of heavy loads in extremely difficult environments,making planetary roller screws ideal for applications requiring continuous work.

ALM Planetary Roller Screw Types

High-performance planetary roller screwsStandard planetary roller screws
Ultra Power planetary roller screwsBearing ring planetary roller screws
Inverted planetary roller screwsDifferential planetary roller screws
Planetary roller screws rotating Nut

Inverted planetary roller screws

Recirculating roller screws

Recirculating roller screws

ALM Planetary Roller Screw Features

(1) Stiffness and impact resistance

Under the same screw diameter,the bearing capacity is increased by 6 times,under the same load,the space is saved by 1/3 than the ball screw,the life is increased by 14 times,the working environment temperature range is increased by 2 times, and the stiffness and impact resistance are improved.

(2) Rotation speed and acceleration
It can provide higher rotation speed and acceleration,up to 16000r/min,linear speed 2m/s,acceleration 3g.Ball screws are difficult to achieve the above indicators.

(3) Leads
The lead of the planetary roller screw is a function of the pitch of the roller screw,the lead can be less than 0.5mm,and the lead can be designed as an integer or decimal,and no reduction gear is required to match.

(4) Noise
Roller screw can be used in harsh environments,and the vibration noise generated at high speed is small.

(5) Disassembly and maintenance
Easy disassembly and maintenance,disassembly without removing the roller,directly screw out the nut.

Roller Screw Application Cases

Planetary Roller Screw for Auto industry

Auto industry

Planetary Roller Screw for Oil drilling and production industry

Oil drilling and production industry

Planetary Roller Screw for Military and scientific research fields

Military and scientific research fields

Planetary Roller Screw for Anthropomorphic robot

Anthropomorphic robot

Planetary Roller Screw for Servo electric cylinderServo electric cylinder
Planetary Roller Screw for train balancing system

Train balancing system

Planetary Roller Screw for Injection molding machine

Injection molding machine

Planetary Roller Screw for CNC machine

CNC machine

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