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What are the functions and characteristics of the Ball screw support seat?

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The ball screw support seat is the bearing support seat that supports the connecting screw and the motor, and the support seat is generally divided into:the fixed side(after adding K,such as BK12)and the support unit installation (indicated by F,such as BF12),which are used for pre-pressure adjustment of JIS5 level angular contact ball bearings. The ball screw support seat is equipped with an ultra-small angular contact ball bearing with a contact Angle of 45° developed for ultra-small ball screws to achieve high rigidity,high precision and stable turning performance.The support unit on the support side uses deep groove ball bearings.The internal bearings of the support units such as EK and BK are loaded with an appropriate amount of lithium soap-based grease and sealed with special sealing gaskets,which can be directly installed and used for a long time.

various end support

(1)The adoption of the best bearing takes into account the balance with the ball screw in rigidity, the use of high rigidity and low torque angular contact ball bearings (contact Angle 30°, free combination). At the same time, the ultra-small support units EK6 and 8 are equipped with ultra-small angular contact ball bearings developed for ultra-small ball screws. The bearing contact Angle is 45°, the ball diameter is small, the number of balls is large, it is a ultra-small angular contact ball bearing with high rigidity and precision, and can obtain stable rotation performance.

ball screw end support

(2)The shape of the support unit The support unit has angular and circular series, which can be selected according to the use.

(3)Small and easy to install the support unit is a small volume design that takes into account the space around the installation. At the same time, the bearings are loaded with adjusted preload, and can be assembled directly after delivery, which not only reduces the assembly time, but also improves the assembly accuracy.


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