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How to use ball screw?

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How to use ball screw?

The ball screws are used mainly as feed screws. In other words, ball screws are used as the mechanical elements to convert a rotational motion into a linear motion,or vice versa. Needless to say, the ball screws can accomplish their objectives only when they are used properly in combination with various other mechanical elements. These aspects are explained below,  although not necessarily in the order of assembly procedure.

[1] It’s necessary to support screw shafts so that they can rotate. Usually, rolling element bearings are used.

ball screw mounting

There are various ways to support ball screws. See the catalogues for details. Rolling element bearings are secured to the screw shaft with locknuts, etc.

[2] Brackets are needed to support the bearings, and attach them onto the machine base.The position of the screw shaft is thus determined.

ball screw bracket

[3] A nut bracket is needed to attach the nut onto a table.

ballnut bracket

[4] A means to rotate the screw shaft is required. Namely, it is necessary to couple the screw shaft with a motor. A power source to drive the motor and an encoder to control the positioning are also required for some application.

stepper motor ball screw

Although the illustration above shows one way to connect a motor using a coupling, other method using a pulley or a gear may be employed.

[5] Furthermore, guide ways are needed to maintain the table position precisely. Recently,use of rolling element linear guide bearings, such as linear guides, are increasing.


The following components are the minimum requirements for using ball screws;

1. Support units (bearings, bearing brackets)

2. Nut bracket

3. Drive system (coupling, pulley, motor, etc.)

4. Linear Guides




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