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  • What are the functions of linear guideway clamp?
    The use of machines in modern times is relatively extensive, machines have brought a lot of changes to human life, making life more convenient. Generally, the machines used at home are relatively small, and the types used are not many: industrial production requires a large number of machines, and t   Read More>
  • Cross roller guides VS linear guides: What's the difference?
    Cross roller guides and linear guides are both types of linear motion systems used in various applications.However,there are some key differences between them: Cross Roller GuideLinear Guide From the structural,cross guide rail is a split structure,which is more complicated than the linear guide rai   Read More>
  • What are the applications of linear guides in precision measuring equipment?
    1. Automatic coordinate measuring machineAutomatic coordinate measuring machine is a kind of high precision measuring equipment, which can be used for three-dimensional coordinate measurement,shape measurement and surface topography measurement.Because the automatic coordinate measuring machine need   Read More>
  • How to ensure accuracy when stitching linear guide?
    1.Linear guide splicing methodLinear guides are usually spliced by screws and joints. Common splicing methods include tenon splicing, butt splicing, plane splicing and so on.2.Linear guide stitching accuracyThe stitching accuracy of linear guide rail refers to the error range between the two ends wh   Read More>
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