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Linear Actuators

ALM's extensive experience and knowledge in linear motion component solutions can meet the most demanding requirements.We design and manufacture many types of electric linear actuators.They have different speeds,travel lengths and capacities.The electric linear actuator produces stable,accurate back and forth motion and can be can be used for lifting,lowering,tilting,or shifting laterally.

Linear Actuator structure

ALM Linear Actuator Types

Linear Actuator Working Principles

After the motor is decelerated by a gear,it drives a pair of screw nuts.The rotary motion of the motor is changed into linear motion,and the push rod action is completed by the positive and negative rotation of the motor.For example,through various levers,rockers or connecting rods and other mechanisms can complete rotation,shaking and other complex actions.By changing the lever lever lever length,you can increase or increase the stroke

Linear Actuator Features

(1)Stroke Length: Linear actuators are available in different stroke lengths, which determine the maximum distance the actuator can extend or retract.

(2)Force Capacity: Linear actuators have a force capacity that determines the maximum amount of force they can exert. This is an important consideration when selecting an actuator for a specific application.

(3)Speed: Linear actuators can have different speed capabilities,which determine how quickly they can extend or retract. The speed is usually measured in inches per minute (IPM) or millimeters per second(mm/s).

(4)Control Options: Linear actuators can be controlled in various ways,including manual control,remote control,or integration with a control system. Some actuators also offer position feedback for precise control.

(5)Mounting Options:Linear actuators can be mounted in different orientations,such as horizontal,vertical,or even upside down.They often come with mounting brackets or flanges for easy installation.

(6)Power Source: Linear actuators can be powered by different energy sources,such as electricityhydraulic pressure, or pneumatic pressure. Electric linear actuators are the most common and widely used.

(7)Environmental Protection:Some linear actuators are designed to withstand harsh environments,such as dust,moisture,or extreme temperatures.These actuators often have IP(Ingress Protection)ratings to indicate their level of protection.

(8)Size and Compactness:Linear actuators come in various sizes,allowing for flexibility in design and installation.Compact actuators are often preferred when space is limited.

(9)Noise Level:Linear actuators can produce noise during operation,depending on their design and mechanism.Quieter actuators are desirable in applications where noise reduction is important.

(10)Durability and Reliability:Linear actuators should be built to withstand frequent use and have a long lifespan.Look for actuators made from high-quality materials and with reliable internal components.


ALM Linear Actuator Applications

linear actuator for Auto industry

Auto industry

linear actuator for Oil drilling and production industry

Oil drilling and production industry

Linear actuator for agricultural field

Agricultural field

Linear Actuator for Smart home industry

Smart home industry

Linear Actuator for medical equipmentMedical equipment
Linear Actuator For warehousing system

Warehousing system

linear actuator for Injection molding machine

Injection molding machine

linear actuator for CNC machine

CNC machine




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