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Ball Screw Support Unit

The screw support unit is used to fix the left and right ends of the screw and can withstand the operation of the screw. The axial load generated makes the structure stable.ALM can provide suitable screw support seats for light, medium and heavy load equipment,and provide different levels of support seats according to the screw accuracy C3, C5 and C7 used by the equipment.

Supported Side

BF Series End support

BF series

EF Series End support

EF series

Fixed Side FF Series End support

FF series

AF series End support

AF series

Fixed Side 

Floated Side BK End support

BK series

EK End support

EK series

FK End support

FK series

AK End support

AK series

●Ball Screw Support Bearing

WBK Series End support


SBK End support


MBK End Support


Ball Screw End Support Functions

The screw support seat is an important supporting part in mechanical equipment,and its main role is to support and fix the screw to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment.The following is the use of the screw support seat:

(1)support stability:the screw support seat is made of high-quality steel,with high strength and stiffness,can provide reliable support for the screw,and effectively avoid the bending and distortion of the screw during operation.

(2)accurate positioning:the screw support seat is usually composed of high-precision bearings and ball screw and other parts,these parts have the characteristics of high precision and high rigidity, to ensure the position accuracy of the screw on the support seat, and then ensure the machining accuracy of mechanical equipment.

(3)reduce friction:high precision parts such as bearings and ball screws in the screw support seat can effectively reduce the coefficient of friction,reduce the motion resistance,and then improve the motion stability and accuracy of mechanical equipment.

(4)cushioning:the cushioning device in the screw support seat can effectively absorb the shock and vibration of mechanical equipment,reduce the damage to mechanical equipment,and extend the service life of mechanical equipment.

(5)easy maintenance:screw support base structure is simple,compact,easy to disassemble and replace.When there is a failure,it can be repaired quickly,reducing the maintenance cost and time cost.




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