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Linear Modules

ALM provides linear module,slide module,linear slide table,linear slide table,electric slide table,slide table,guide slide table and other kinds of precision automation products.Our company has mature technology,complete specifications,and has perfect equipment supporting capability,providing one-stop non-standard customization services,providing solutions for many laser,medical and other high-precision industries.

KK Linear Module

KK linear module

ALM can produce KK30 KK40 KK50 KK60 KK80 KK86 KK100 KK130 series linear module.Our brand KK module can completely replace the original HIWIN linear module,and the dimensions of the KK module are exactly the same. 

KK Module accessies

We can also offer accessories of KK module.such as,Aluminum cover and bellow:contamination protection Motor adaptor flange:connection for different types of motors ,limit switchs starting point, positioning and other safety matters.

Aluminum Linear Module

lead screw driven linear module

Lead screw driven linear module

ALM is a leading manufacturer of lead screw drive modules in China.Unlike the ball screw drive,the screw drive module can self-lock when used vertically,while the screw drive module can achieve higher accuracy,cheaper than the ball screw drive module, and safer when used vertically.

ball screw driven linear moduleBall screw driven linear module

Ball screw drive module design can provides the high accuracy and steady movement.Also secure the reliability and quality.Providing the ±0.01mm of the repeatability.It covers up to 200kg of usage requirements and has a wide range of applications.

belt driven Linear Module

Belt driven linear module

Belt drive module can provide long travel conditions and realize the application of large action  range.It adopts an integrated extruded aluminium structure.It is composed of slider,belt and  synchronous wheel,saving assembly cost and time.Maximum travel up to 3500mm. And it can reach 3000mm/s linear speed to improve production efficiency.




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