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45mm Trapezoidal Lead Screw

ALM 45mm trapezoidal lead screw assembly offers maximum accuracy,high repeat accuracy,smooth,quiet operation,and low cost,making it your best choice for high performance linear motion control.Our lead screws are self-adjusting,maintenance free.

ALM 45mm Trapezoidal Lead Screw Basic Information

Lead screw material


Lead nut material

Brass,Tin bronze,Phosphor bronze,Aluminum bronze,POM,PEEK,nylon,POK,Stainless steel, 1045,Zinc alloy,Brass+Plastic,Aluminum alloy+Plastic,Brass+Steel,Self lubricating(No oil type)

Available surface coating

Zinc-plated,nickel plated,hard chromium plated,fluorine coated,tungsten disulfide,black chorme plated

Quality standardISO9001:2015,CE certificate,RoHS and reach compliance
Clearance7e,higher precision is available upon request
Custom ServicesCustomized nuts and end machining are available upon drawing

ALM 45mm Lead Screw Intelligent Manufacturing and Inspection

ALM 45mm Lead Screw Applications

ALM 45mm lead screw has a wide range of applications.The following pictures show the common aplications of the trapezoidal lead screws.

robot indurty

Robot industry

round ballnut ball screw for medical

Medical industry

round ballnut for laboratory

Laboratory equipments

round ballnut ball screw for packaging machine

Packing machine

ball screw for the car

Auto industry

ball screw for 3D printer

3D printer




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