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MHT Linear Motors

MHT Linear motor

We have done a lot of work in linear motor pole slot coordination,magnetic circuit optimization,and other aspects.The MHT linear motor not only has high thrust density, but also achieves minimal cogging force.Compared with the well-known Akribis brand linear motors,our linear motors improve performance by 20% and are more affordable.Our linear motor can meet the requirements of compact devices for high beat and high response speed. 

●MHT Linear Motor Main Structure

MHT Linear Motor mover

MHT Linear Motor Mover

The MHT mover adopts a mountain shaped casing,with a more compact internal structure and lighter mover weight.The MHT linear motor has great thrust advantage.

MHT Linear Motor stator

MHT Linear Motor Stator

Our linear motor  stator has the characteristics of high thrust density,good rigidity, high response speed and compact structure.Suitable for applications requiring high thrust density and fast response speed.

MHT Linear Motor Module

MHT Linear Motor Module

The installation interface of the MHT linear motor module has undergone overall optimization design,and the module base can be seamlessly connected to the sliding platforms of other modules. 

MHT Linear Motor Advantages

Lower operating noise linear motor

Lower operating noise

The resonance frequency of the module has been increased to 11k Hz,and low-frequency vibration has been greatly suppressed.At 2m/s,the noise of the module can be less than 60dB.

Mountain shaped light weight mover

Mountain shaped lightweight mover

The MHT mover adopts a mountain shaped casing,with a more compact internal structure and lighter mover.And with specially made aluminum profiles,high overall efficiency can be achieved.

Smaller cogging force linear motor

Smaller cogging force

The MHT series linear motor not only has high thrust density,but also achieves minimal cogging force.The speed fluctuation can reach around 3‰,and the position error can reach ± 5 count at a uniform speed.

Compact linear motor module

Compact module

The aluminum profile of the MHT lineaar motor module is matched with a mountain shaped mover design,which can save a width of 20mm-30mm compared to conventional modules. 

Compatible installation interface linear motor

Compatible installation interface

The installation interface of the MHT module has undergone overall optimization design,and the module base can be seamlessly connected to the sliding platforms ofother modules.

higher thrust density linear motor

Higher thrust density

Benefiting from our continuous research in electromagnetic solutions and processes, the MHT series linear motors have a thrust

density about 20% higher than market products at the same mover volume and temperature rise. 




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