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3D printer

ALM's linear motion components are widely used for 3D printer.3D printing portraits, electronic components, clothing, shoes, etc.Contact us now!We'll present you some more 3D printer cases and assist you to choose the proper models of linear motions parts.


At present, aerial photography, agriculture, plant protection, micro-selfie, express transportation, disaster relief, observation of wildlife, surveillance infectious diseases, mapping, news reports, power inspection, disaster relief, film and television shooting, manufacturing romance and other fields of application, greatly expanded the use of UAV itself. The developed countries are also actively expanding the industry to apply and develop drone technology.

Industrial Testing Platform

The typical is industrial vision systems,which is image recognition machines for automatic inspection, workpiece processing and assembly automation, as well as control and monitoring of production processes.

MP Detection Equipment

ALM's linear motion parts are in mass production for mobile phone detection equipment,where positioning accuracy is required.Normally accuracy grade C3 or C5.If you have the similar product,feel free to contact us for more technical support!


The physical engines used by the emulators are not yet able to fully accurately simulate the physical conditions of the real world, especially the (static) friction between different materials, the force (elastic and shape) deformation of objects, and very short periods of high-speed collisions - extreme and complex physical interactions, which can be considerable and affect the robot's ability to further improve dynamic motion performance; At present does not support the simulation of actual hardware defects or corner case and other situations.

Optical Scanner

Scanners are often used by computer external instruments to capture images and convert them into digital input devices that can be displayed, edited, stored, and output by computers. Scanners can use three-dimensional objects such as photographs, text pages, drawings, art drawings, photographic negatives, Filin tablets, and even textiles, signage panels, printed plate samples, etc. as scanning objects to extract and convert original lines, graphics, text, photos, flat objects into devices that can be edited and added to the file. 




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