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HIWIN Ball Screws

You can not only get ALM self developed ball screws,but also original HIWIN ball screws are available from us.

HIWIN Intelligent 4.0 Ballscrew

HIWIN Intelligent 4.0 Ballscrew

HIWIN 4.0 ball screws feature remote monitoring function through multiple devices, intelligent diagnosis and historic log. It can diagnose various warning messages of the ball screws and detects the failed axis and failure occurrence time, to remind users to take actions for predictive maintenance.

R2 Series Rotating Nut Ballscrews

HIWIN R2 Series Rotating Nut Ballscrews

Small size and high precision

The HIWIN ballnut and the support bearing are integrally formed, so the nut is small in volume, the contact angle of the support bearing is 45°, can withstand large axial load, and combined with high precision.

Easy to assemble

Simply rotate the nut to the housing to obtain a nut-rotary ball screw mechanism.

High feed

Since the ball screw is fixed, there is no inertial force when the screw is rotated, and the ball screw for slenderness ratio can also be fed at a high speed.In addition, a motor with a small driving force can be selected.

High rigidity

The support bearing of the R2 series HIWIN ball screw is larger than the support bearing of the general screw, so the axial rigidity is greatly improved.

Low noise

The R2 series uses end cap circulation, and the circulating steel balls are recirculated inside the nut, even if the high-speed rotation noise is smaller than the general screw.

Ball Spline

HIWIN ball spline

The HIWIN Ball Spline is a rolling mechanical component specially designed for guiding linear motion. It consists of a nut, a shaft, and a retainer holding the steel balls. With the recirculation of steel balls between the nut and the shaft, high accuracy linear motion can be achieved. Angular contact designs are adopted for the steel balls to bear radial loads and torques. By integrating the nut and the bearing, the ball spline can bear high loads with the compact structure

Three sets of loading steel balls with DF angular contact arrangements are kept inside the retainer, recirculating continuously. With the optimized design of the retainer, high speed and high accelerated guiding motion can be achieved. The steel ball holding design of the retainer can prevent the steel balls from falling off when removing the shaft from the nut.

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