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Cross Roller Tables

Cross roller table is a kind of limited linear motion guide unit with high precision,small size and high rigidity,which is installed between the high precision machining table and the base.The slider mechanism only needs to be bolted where necessary to obtain a high-precision linear guide mechanism.Because the rollers are installed together at a very short pitch and can withstand higher loads,the use of the cross roller table is diversified,because the rollers are vertically arranged with each other,so it can withstand the load in all directions of the table.

VRT cross roller table


VRT-A cross roller guide


VRU cross roller guide


ALM Cross Roller Table Project Case

Cross Roller table for Automatic production line

Automatic production line

Cross Roller table for Machine tools

Machine tools

Cross Roller table for Laser machine

Laser machine

Cross Roller Guide for semiconductor device

semiconductor device

Cross Roller Guide for optical instrument

optical instrument

Cross Roller Slide Table Use Method

1.Preparation before installation

(1)Determine the installation position and direction,and check whether the ground is smooth and whether there are obstacles.

(2)Obtain required installation tools and materials,including screwdrivers,nut wrenches,gaskets,and support brackets.

(3)Check the accessories of the cross roller slide table to ensure that all accessories are complete and thoroughly cleaned.

2.Second,installation steps

(1)Assemble the cross roller slide on the support frame,and install and debug.

(2)Move the whole slide to the installation position and adjust it horizontally using the level instrument.

(3)Secure the base of the slide table to the ground.Note that before installing bolts,spacers should be used to separate the sliding table from the ground to avoid the uneven ground directly affecting the levelness of the sliding table.

(4)Lock the sliding parts and the fixed arms of the cantilever support together with the sliding table.

(5)Check whether the packaging material at the bottom of the slide table is tight.If it is loose,it needs to be re-adjusted;If there is a gap between the cantilever bracket and the bottom,shims need to be added for adjustment.

(6)Fixed connecting rod and coupling sleeve,assembled gear wheel core and roller,etc.

3.Third,debugging process

(1)Set the moving speed of the sliding table,and use the manual controller to operate,to ensure that the sliding parts slide smoothly and work reliably.

(2)Carry out dynamic test to compare whether the stroke, residence time,return speed,force and other parameters of the sliding parts meet the requirements.

(3)Check whether the dynamic performance of the coupling is normal,such as the tightness of the belt and the magnetic spring force.




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