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Single Axis Robot KK50 Modules

The single axis robot KK50 module boasts a compact design,It's 50mm width and 26mm height ensure easy integration into existing systems or machinery without compromising on performance.Whether you're working on robotics,automation,or any other industry that requires linear motion control,the KK50 module is a reliable choice.

KK50 Linear Module

KK module width 50mm,height 26mm.  

Ball screw pitch: 2mm.

Rail length:150mm/200mm/250mm/300mm.

Accuracy grade:P/C.

Model number:KK5002

The KK50 single-axis robot features a ball screw with a lead of 2mm.This lead ensures smooth and precise linear motion,allowing for accurate positioning and reduced backlash.With its efficient ball screw mechanism,the KK50 module guarantees high repeatability and accuracy,making it ideal for applications that demand precision.

To cater to various application requirements,the KK5002 linear module offers guide rail lengths of 150mm,200mm,250mm,and 300mm.This versatility allows you to choose the appropriate length based on your specific needs.Whether you need shorter strokes for compact applications or longer strokes for larger systems, the KK50 module has you covered.

The KK50 module is designed for easy integration and maintenance.Its user-friendly design ensures hassle-free installation,while its robust construction guarantees durability and longevity.Additionally,the module's low-friction components minimize wear and tear,reducing the need for frequent maintenance and ensuring a longer service life.

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