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Micro Rolled Ball Screws

ALM high quality Rolled Ball Screw

Rolled Ball Screw Processing

ALM rolled ball screw threads are created by pushing each uncut bar blank into a rotary tool die in a single operation.Rolling is the common process for ball screws,and it is more economical and sufficiently accurate for most industrial applications.

ALM Rolled Ball Screw Thread

Rolled Ball Screw Thread

The picture on the left shows the details of the ALM rolled ball screw threads,which are clean and smooth and have excellent surface finish.Miniature rolled ball screws are available with very fine leads.This is a significant advantage in applications requiring fine-adjustments and micro-positioning.

ALM Micro Rolled Ball Screw Basic Information

AccuracyC7,C10(JIS standard)
Axial play0~0.005mm(Can be zero)


FeaturesClean and smooth,excellent surface finsh
CertificatesISO9001:2015,CE certificate,RoHS and reach compliance
ALM provides custom service,ball screws can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

ALM Micro Rolled Ball Screw Ballnut Types

The following shows ALM common miniature rolled ball screw ballnut,other ballnuts can be manufactured according to customer's requirement.

threaded nose ballnut bi-directional ball screw

Ballnut With Threaded Nose

square flanged ballnut bi-directional ball-screw

Square Flanged Ballnut

flanged ballnut bi-directional ball screw

Double-cut Flanged Ballnut

round flanged ballnut bi-directional ball screw

Round Flanged Ballnut

ballnut-with-thread-nose-ball-screw (1)

Ballnut With Keyway

square-ballnut-ball-screw (2)

Square Ballnut

ALM Micro Rolled Ball Screw Types

diameter 4mm ball screw

4mm Micro Rolled Ball Screw

The 4mm miniature rolled ball screw has very fine leads.This is a significant advantage in applications that require fine-adjustments and micro-positioning.

diameter 5mm ball screw

5mm Micro Rolled Ball Screw

The 5mm micro rolled ball screws are the perfect solution for applications such as micromanipulators,miniature robotics and compact actuators.

diameter 6mm ball screw6mm Micro Rolled Ball Screw

Miniature 6mm rolled ball screws help extend the reliability of micromachines,increase their speed and output,and reduce noise in a variety of medical,laboratory,automation and other small equipment applications.

diameter 8mm ball screw

8mm Micro Rolled Ball Screw

Micro 8mm ball screw is designed for light load applications,and its advanced internal ball recirculation system and thread design also provide higher speed capability and longer service life.

diameter 10mm ball screw

10mm Micro Rolled Ball Screw

The 10mm rolled miniature ball screw is compact,quiet and cost-effective,providing a low friction,high efficiency technology.

diameter 12mm ball screw

12mm Micro Rolled Ball Screw

The miniature ball screw provides an efficient and economical linear motion solution.This makes them ideal for applications where space is limited and efficient movement is required.

diameter 14mm ball screw14mm Micro Rolled Ball Screw

The ALM 14mm Miniature rolled ball screw is optimized to provide precise positioning,excellent repeatability,and smooth operation.

ALM Micro Rolled Ball Screw Advantages

Clean and smooth;

Saving installation space;

Excellent surface finish;

High efficient:more than 90%;




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