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Rotary Ball Splines

The rotary ball spline is fitted with a special bearing jacket on the outer diameter of the spline cylinder to make it operate.By making the outer cylinder rotate or stop the operation,only one shaft of rotary ball spline can carry out rotation or linear motion.

Rotary Ball Spline Features

(1)Zero clearance in rotation direction,high positioning accuracy.

(2)High speed,smooth operation.

(3)Low noise.
(4)Easy to install,save space.

Rotary Ball Spline Applications
Rotary ball spline is suitable for horizontal multi-joint robotic arm(SCARA),industrial robots,automatic loaders,laser processing machines,handling devices,ATC devices in machining centers and other equipment.

Ball spline for multi-joint robotic arm(SCARA)

Robotic arm

BALL SPLINE FOR laser processing machines

Laser processing machines

Ball spline for automatic loaders

Automatic loaders

Ball spline for ATC devices in machining centers

Machining centers

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