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  • Cold Rolling, Turning And Grinding Lead Screw: How To Choose?
    ALM lead screw processing technology mainly has cold rolling,turning and grinding.Each manufacturing method has its own advantages and disadvantages,so cold rolling,turning,grinding lead screw,how to choose?Cold rolling lead screwTurning lead screwGrinding lead screwRolled lead screws are preferred   Read More>
  • What Are The Types of Bronze Lead Screw Nuts?
    The most commonly used metal lead screw nut materials are bronze,brass,and C45 steel.Among these options,bronze lead screw nut stands out due to its high performance and the preference it receives from customers.Bronze is an alloy whose chief elements are copper,tin and lead,there are many kinds of   Read More>
  • Are There Any Restrictions on Ball Screws' Size Or Length?
    When it comes to manufacturing ball screws,there are two key factors that determine the range of options available.These factors are the shaft diameter and the total length for each shaft diameter.At our manufacturing facility,we offer a range of shaft diameters from 4mm to 120mmm. It is important t   Read More>
  • How To Know Lead Screw Or Ball Screw Thread Direction?
    Knowing ball screw or lead screw thread direction is crucial for proper installation and operation.Understanding thread direction ensures compatibility with other components and facilitates smooth and efficient mechanical operations.The thread flanks rise from bottom left to top right.We called it r   Read More>
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