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  • How to maintain linear module stage?
    Linear module as a precision automation accessories,do regular cleaning and maintenance work,can ensure the accuracy of operation,stability and service life,as well as improve production efficiency.Specific measures include the following two points:●Do a good job of dust and pollution prevention mea   Read More>
  • What are the functions of linear guideway clamp?
    The use of machines in modern times is relatively extensive, machines have brought a lot of changes to human life, making life more convenient. Generally, the machines used at home are relatively small, and the types used are not many: industrial production requires a large number of machines, and t   Read More>
  • What’s the difference between belt driven linear modules and ball screw driven linear modules?
    ●Belt driven linear moduleSynchronous belt linear module is a kind of linear transmission device composed of synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel, which is widely used, easy to install and high precision, and is accepted by the majority of users. The belt linear module is mainly composed of b   Read More>
  • What's the working principle of linear actuator?
    A linear actuator is a device that converts rotational motion into linear motion.It consists of a motor,a lead screw or a ball screw, and a nut.The motor is typically an electric motor that generates rotational motion. This rotational motion is then transmitted to the lead screw or ball screw throug   Read More>
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