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Linear Motors

ALM focuses on direct drive linear motors manufacturing and is the first company to propose the magnet-track-free linear motor.We have obtained about 20 patents in this area.After over 20 years of development,we obtained the core technologies of linear motor,linear encoder and driver.Accumulated a lot of experience about the applications of linear motor in LCD,Lithium battery,PV and semiconductor manufacturing area.

MTF linear motor is the star in long-distance applications because of the excellent performance,reliable quality and cost performance.The latest generation of MHT serise linear motors have a thrust density about 20% higher than market products at the same mover volume and temperature rise.lt can meet the requirements of compact devices for high beat and high response speed.

●MTF Series Linear Motors

●MHT Series Linear Motors

Linear Motor Drivers

We offer various brand linear motor drivers such as: MITSUBISHI brand linear motor drivers,ABB brand linear motor drivers,BECKHOFF brand linear motor drivers,Panasonic brand linear motor drivers, SERVOTRONIX brand linear motor drivers.

MITSUBISHI linear motor driver

MITSUBISHI brand drivers

ABB linear motor driver

ABB brand drivers

BECKHOFF linear motor driver

BECKHOFF brand drivers

linear motor driver

Panasonic brand drivers

SERVOTRONIX Linear motor driver

SERVOTRONIX brand drivers

Linear Motor Encoders

SEIDAL brand encoderMR (SEIDAL brand encoders)

The magnetic grid encoder includes a magnetic ruler and a reading head,and the magnetic grid ruler includes a 3M double faced adhesive tape,a stainless steel substrate and a magnetic material,in which the magnetic material is magnetized,the stroke NS alternates the magnetic pole,and the reading head includes a decoding chip and auxiliary circuitry.

Renishaw encoders introductionRE(Renishaw brand encoders)

ALM also offers high-quality optical,magnetic and laser encoders from Renishaw.Renishaw encoders use advanced optical and magnetic technologies to deliver high precision,reliable, and durable solutions.

LA encoder

LA(LAMOTION brand encoders)

Encoders are sensors that convert motion into an electrical signal which can be read by some type of control device in a motion control system.We also use LAMOTION brand linear encoders which can provide high accuracy and reliability. 

Linear Motor Applications

The applications of our linear motors in the following area can bring significant advantages for our customers.

linear motor for Ic Package

Ic Package

linear motor for Semiconductor equipment

Semiconductor Equipment

linear motor for Ic Patching

Ic Patching

linear motor for Panel

Photovoltaic Panel Manufacture

linear motor for Lithium battery manufacture

Lithium Battery Manufacture

linear motor for Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

linear motor for Medical Apparatus And Instruments

Medical Equipment

linear motor for Machine Tools

Machine Tools

linear motor for Optical Equipments

Optical Equipments

linear motor for Display Panel manufacture

Display Panel Manufacture




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