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LCD Panel

For the FPD,OLED industry,the need for long distance and fast handling of the panel,we launched a customized handling linear motor module solution,the solution can be used in module inspection system,panel inspection system,OLED inspection system,AOI optical inspection system,Touch Panel inspection system and flat panel display automation equipment.

linear motor for the FPD, OLED industry

ALM offers cost-effective single custom linear motor modules,length splicing,number of linear motor mover optional,special cover material,standard profiles.With large load,high rigidity,high speed,high precision,easy transportation,long service life and many other advantages,subvert the traditional lead screw belt transmission mode,become the customer's choice for long stroke linear drive applications.

MTF,MHT series linear motor module is a complete set of products using ALM high performance linear motor,with high performance driver,integrated sensor,high performance grating or magnetic gate encoder to directly achieve linear motion.

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