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KK20 Single-axis Robot Modules

This KK linear module width is 20mm;the maximum stroke is 112mm.KK20 single-axis robots are a series of compact and lightweight modules designed for linear motion applications.The linear modules are commonly used in industries such as electronics,semiconductors,and automotive manufacturing.

KK20 Single-axis Robot Features

(1)KK20 modules have a compact and space-saving design,suitable for applications with limited space.

(2)The linear modules are made from lightweight materials,allowing for easy installation and integration into existing systems.

(3)The modules are equipped with high-quality linear guides and ball screws,providing smooth operation and high precision positioning.

(4)KK20 series module offers various stroke lengths to accommodate different application requirements.

(6)KK20 modules can be mounted horizontally or vertically is easily integrated with other automation components.

KK20 Linear Module Application Case

ALM KK module

In the precise instrument application case,our KK20 linear module is utilized to enhance the performance and accuracy of instruments used in scientific research,medical diagnostics,and other precision-based industries.ALM KK module's smooth and precise movement ensures that instruments can be positioned with utmost accuracy,allowing for precise measurements and analysis.

KK20 linear module for medical diagnostics

The KK20 linear module offers a wide range of features that make it ideal for precise instrument applications.It is equipped with high-precision ball screws and linear guides,ensuring smooth and stable movement with minimal backlash.The module also includes a robust motor and drive system, enabling precise control and positioning.

Moreover,the KK20 linear module is designed for easy integration into existing systems,making it a versatile solution for various instrument applications.It can be easily customized to meet specific requirements,such as different stroke lengths and load capacities.




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