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KK40 Ball Screw Linear Modules

The KK40 ball screw linear module is a type of linear motion module that is commonly used in various applications,such as CNC machines,robotics,and automation systems.It consists of a ball screw and a guide rail,which work together to provide precise linear motion.

KK40 Linear Module

KK module width 40mm,height 20mm.  

Ball screw pitch: 1mm.

Rail length:100mm/150mm/200mm.

Accuracy grade:P/C.

Model number:KK4001

The width of the KK40 module is 40mm,the height is 20mm,making it relatively low-profile.This allows for easy integration into different systems.The smaller ball screw pitch 1mm means more threads per unit length,resulting in finer and more precise linear motion.

The length of the guide rail can vary depending on the specific application requirements.The available options for the KK40 module are 100mm,150mm,and 200mm.These lengths determine the maximum travel distance of the module.

The KK40 module is available in two grades:precision and ordinary.The precision grade offers a higher level of accuracy,with tighter tolerances and minimal backlash.It is suitable for applications that require precise positioning and repeatability.On the other hand, the ordinary grade provides a lower level of accuracy but is more cost-effective. It is suitable for applications where high precision is not critical.




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