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6.35mm Trapezoidal Lead Screw

Diameter 6.35mm trapezoidal lead screw unique design and precision engineering make it ideal for applications that require accurate linear motion control.Tr6.35mm lead screw is commonly found in various automated machines,such as 3D printers,CNC machines,and robotic systems.

T6.35mm Trapezoidal Lead Screw Information




According to your needs

Shaft end machining

Processing according to your requirements

Nut shape and dimension

According to your needs

Thread Direction

Right and left hand thread

Available screw material


Available nut material

Brass,Tin bronze,Phosphor bronze,Aluminum bronze,POM,PEEK,nylon,POK,Stainless steel, 1045,Zinc alloy,Brass+Plastic,Aluminum alloy+Plastic,Brass+Steel,Self lubricating(No oil type)

Available surface coating

Zinc-plated,nickel plated,hard chromium plated,fluorine coated,tungsten disulfide,black chorme plated,molybdenum disulfide.

Quality standardISO9001:2015,CE certificate,RoHS and reach compliance
Clearance7e,higher precision is available upon request

Tr6.35mm Trapezoidal Lead Screw Popular Model

Tr6.35x1 lead screw:Diameter 6.35mm,lead 1mm,pitch 1mm

Tr6.35x2 lead screw:Diameter 6.35mm,lead 2mm,pitch 2mm

Tr6.35x3.175 lead screw:Diameter 6.35mm,lead 3.175mm,pitch 1.5875mm

Tr6.35x4.88 lead screw:Diameter 6.35mm,lead 4.88mm,pitch 1.22mm

Tr6.35x6.35 lead screw:Diameter 6.35mm,lead 6.35mm,pitch 1.5875mm

Tr6.35x9.75 lead screw:Diameter 6.35mm,lead 9.75mm,pitch 1.21875mm

Tr6.35x12.7 lead screw:Diameter 6.35mm,lead 12.7mm,pitch 1.5875mm

Tr6.35x25.4 lead screw:Diameter 6.35mm,lead 25.4mm,pitch 3.175mm

Diameter 6.35mm Tr6.35 T6.35 Lead Screw Advantages

(1)Diameter 6.35mm lead screw has high efficiency.The trapezoidal thread profile provides a larger contact area between lead screw and nut,resulting in improved load-carrying capacity and reduced friction.

(2)Made from high quality materials,such as SUS303,SUS304,SS316 or S45C carbon steel,our Tr6.35mm lead screw can withstand heavy loads and harsh operating conditions.

(3)Diameter 6.35mm trapezoidal lead screw offers excellent positional accuracy.With low backlash and high repeatability,it enables precise positioning of automated components. 

(4)T6.35 lead screw and nut is available in various sizes and lengths,lead screw shaft end and nut shape can be customized according to specific needs.




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