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Hydraulic Linear Guide Clamps

Hydraulic linear guide clamps are devices used to secure and hold linear guides in place.They use hydraulic pressure to apply clamping force,ensuring stability and preventing movement of the linear guide during operation.

Hydraulic Linear Guide Clamp Types

Hydraulic Clamp normally open type

Hydraulic clamp normally open type

Hydraulic Clamp with braking normally open type

Hydraulic clamp with braking normally open type

Hydraulic Clamp with braking normally close type

Hydraulic clamp with braking normally close type

Features of Hydraulic Linear Guide Clamps

(1)Hydraulic operation:Hydraulic clamp are powered by hydraulic systems, allowing for precise and controlled clamping force.

(2)High clamping force:Hydraulic linear guide clamps can generate substantial clamping force,ensuring secure holding of the linear guide.

(3)Adjustable clamping force:The clamping force can be adjusted according to the specific requirements of the application.

(4)Compact design:They have a compact and space-saving design,making them suitable for various applications where space is limited.

(5)Easy installation:They are designed for easy installation and can be mounted directly onto the linear guide or the machine frame.

Hydraulic Linear Guide Clamp Application

Hydraulic guide rail clamp,suitable for large CNC machine tools,heavy handling equipment,mechanical processing industry,automation industry,glass industry and other large equipment fields.

Machine tool

CNC machine tools

Heavy handling equipment

Heavy handling equipment

Mechanical processing

Mechanical processing

Automation industry

Automation industry

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