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Photovoltaic and lithium batteries

ALM linear motors provide a wide range of solutions for the lithium battery manufacturing industry.In the lithium battery manufacturing process,a high-speed handling process is needed to improve the efficiency of the entire process and break the bottleneck of domestic equipment in the production rate.

Linear Motor for lithium battery manufacturing

We provide customers with standardized and custom linear motor modules to help customers achieve high speed,high stability and high precision handling.ALM's custom linear motor modules have a low electrical time constant, greatly increasing the speed and acceleration required during handling.

MHT linear motor module

Low single-station single-cycle movement time,and long-term stable operation,to help customers achieve a breakthrough in the speed and accuracy of handling.

We also offer Y- axis linear motor and Z-axis linear motor solutions according to customer requirements to achieve higher response speed and stability.

MHT Linear motorMTF3 linear motor (2)

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