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Hydraulic Linear Actuators

Hydraulic linear actuators are very similar to pneumatic actuators, except that an incompressible liquid supplied from the pump is used instead of compressed air to move the cylinder in linear motion. Hydraulic push rod includes control equipment and push rod accessories.

hydraulic Linear Actuator

Hydraulic Linear Actuators Advantages

(1)Hydraulic linear actuators can produce very high forces and speeds.

(2)Hydraulic actuators are durable and reliable.Their robust design can handle shock loads.

(3)Hydraulic linear actuators can hold a constant force without the pump supplying more fluid due to the use of an incompressible fluid.

Hydraulic Linear Actuators Applications

(1)Agriculture: Tractors

(2)Civil works: Excavators, Bulldozers

(3)Automotive: Earth Moving Equipment

(4)Aerospace: Landing gears and wing flaps

(5)Power Generation: Flow controls for the water gates

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