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Micro Ball Screws

ALM micro ball screws continue to provide stable and reliable solutions for medical,semiconductor,robotics,food packaging and other fields.The minimum diameter of our ball screw can be 4mm,miniature series ball screw includes miniature rolled ball screw and ground miniature ball screw.

ALM Miniature Ball Screw Types

miniature Ground ball Screw

Miniature ground ball screw

ALM miniature ground ball screws are precision mechanical components used in various applications that require high precision.Ball screw compact size allows them to be easily integrated into space-constrained applications.our ground ball screws accuracy can achieve C1 grade.

mini rolled ball screwMiniature rolled ball screw

Compared to the ground ball screw,the micro rolled ball screw is cost-effective.Rolled ball screw is suitable for less demanding applications.Compared to our competitors,ALM micro rolled ball screws typically have a higher efficiency and low noise.

 ALM Mini Ball Screw Popular Model Number

1.Miniature ground ball screw

(1)Diameter 4mm ground ball screw:0401,0402 ,0406 

(2)Diameter 5mm ground ball screw:0501,0502

(3)Diameter 6mm ground ball screw:0601,0602 ,0604,0606,0610.

(4)Diameter 8mm ground ball screw:0801,0802,0802.5,0804,0805,0808,0810,0812.

(5)Diameter 10mm ground ball screw:1002,1003,1004,1006,1008,1010,1015,1020.

(6)Diameter 12mm ground ball screw:1201,1202,1204,1205,1210,1215,1220.

(7)Diameter 14mm ground ball screw:1402 ,1404

2.Miniature rolled ball screw

(1)Diameter 4mm rolled ball screw:0401

(2)Diameter 5mm rolled ball screw:0501,0502

(3)Diameter 6mm rolled ball screw:0601,0602 ,0606,0610.

(4)Diameter 8mm rolled ball screw:0801,0802,0802.5,0804,0805,0808,0810,0812.

(5)Diameter 10mm rolled ball screw:1002,1004,1010

(6)Diameter 12mm rolled ball screw:1202,1204,1205,1210,1220.

(7)Diameter 14mm rolled ball screw:1402 

 ●ALM Micro Ball Screw Advantages

(1)Ball screw transmission efficiency above 95%.

(2)Each ball screw will be 100% tested before shipping.

(3)Our miniature ball screws are compact,long service life,low noise.

(4)Ball screw nut shape and shaft end machining can be customized according to your requirements.




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