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Ball Screw Driven Linear Module

ball screw driven linear module

Ball screw drive module design can provides the high accuracy and steady movement.Also secure the reliability and quality.Providing the ±0.01mm of the repeatability.It covers up to 200kg of usage requirements and has a wide range of applications.

Ball Screw Linear Module Composition

Ball screw: Ball screw is widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments. High precision linear motion can be achieved under high loads. However, the ball screw does not have the self-locking ability of the trapezoid screw, and attention should be paid to it during use.

Linear guide rail: Linear guide rail is used in linear reciprocating motion, has a higher rated load than linear bearings, and can bear a certain torque, can achieve high precision linear motion under high load.

Module aluminum alloy profile: The module aluminum alloy profile slide table has beautiful appearance, reasonable design, good rigidity and reliable performance. The module assembled after finishing has high stiffness, small thermal deformation and high feed stability, which ensures high precision and high stability in automation equipment.

Ball screw support unit: ball screw support seat is a bearing support seat that supports the connection of ball screw and motor, and the support seat is generally divided into: fixed side and support unit.

Coupling: Coupling is used to connect two axes together to transmit motion and torque, and can be engaged or separated after the machine stops running.The coupling commonly used in the linear module of non-standard equipment is an elastic coupling, and the common types are grooved coupling,cross slider coupling, plum coupling, and diaphragm coupling.




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