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Block Type Ball splines

ALM block type linear ball spline enable continuous linear motion of slide units moving smoothly along a spline shaft.Interchangeable specifications allow slide units and spline shafts to be mixed and matched easily to meet the needs of specific applications.This rigid,square spline nut does not require a housing and can be assembled on the machine body as-is to achieve a compact, rigid linear guide part.

●Block Type Ball Spline Features

(1)Free combination

All sliders and spline shafts in this range are free combination specifications with separate size management and can be freely added or replaced individually.

(2)Simple installation
The slide block is provided with a threaded hole for installation,which can be easily installed on machinery and equipment by bolts.

(3)Stainless steel
Stainless steel products have excellent corrosion resistance and are most suitable for mechanical equipment such as medical equipment,various measuring instruments and semiconductor manufacturing devices that work in clean rooms.

(4)Hollow shaft
Carbon steel spline shaft has hollow shaft in addition to solid shaft,which can be used for pipe distribution,wiring,exhaust and other purposes.

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