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  • Q What is the common reason of lead screw bending?

    (1) Material factors
    The uneven distribution of internal stress and hardness of the lead screw material lead to bending during processing.

    (2) Processing factors
    Machining factors such as cutting force, thermal deformation, tool wear and so on lead to lead screw bending.

    (2) Installation and use factors
    Improper installation, uneven force, long-term load and other use and installation factors lead to lead screw bending.
  • Q 2.How is quality ensured?

    A 2.All our processes strictly adhere to ISO9001:2015 procedures. Combining advanced equipment,from production to delivery, we have strict quality control. Our company has strong technical support and has cultivated a group of managers who are familiar with product quality, good at modern concept of management.
  • Q 3.Can you strictly follow the tolerance on the drawing and meet the high precision?

    3.Yes, surely.We'll send you final production drawing for checking before putting into production.Which follows your drawing and requirement. 
  • Q 4.How to custom-made (OEM/ODM)?

    If you have a new product drawing or a sample, please send to us, we’ll make our production drawing and customize it as per your requirement. We can also provide our professional advices to make your design more realized and maximize the performance. So,If you didn’t find the ideal product from our website, please email us, your inquiry will get fast response.
  • Q 5.What's your minimum order quantity?

    A 5.MOQ:1 pc available.
  • Q 6.What's your Delivery Time?

    ●Standard items: Ready in stock
    ●Customized items:7-20days
    ●For urgent case, We can make the delivery ASAP with guaranteed quality.

  • Q 7.Which mode of transport would be better?

    A 7. In general, the product are heavy, we advice to make delivery by sea, Also we respect your views of other transportation as well.
  • Q 8.Can my screw products have plating or a coating added?

    A 8.Surely, black oxide coating, black chrome coating, WS2 coating etc.Please contact with us for your coating requirement in details.

  • Q 9 What products can we get from ALM?

    A 9. Ball screw, lead screw, motor,linear stage ,linear guideways, bearing support ,coupling

  • Q 10.Why it's not suggested to machine the ball screw ends by myself?

    10.At least once a week we get such an inquiry – someone looking for a ball nut and separate shaft long enough so they can cut it and machine the journals themselves, usually thinking this will significantly reduce lead time. 
    And of course, compared to buying a completely custom ball screw, it may just do that. 
    There are several reasons why we do not offer separate shafts and ball nuts, or complete ball screw assemblies with unfinished ends.  
    The first is pretty simple and significant – once someone alters either the shaft or the nut, our warranty becomes void – and most customers prefer warranties to be in force and valid when they use ball screws – we do as well. 
    Secondly,it's that a ball screw shaft is a pretty complicated element – it is not like a lead screw which is basically a threaded shaft with a plain nut. 
    A ball screw has a very complex shape, in the thread groove – and careful machining is required to maintain the integrity of the groove. 
    The shaft must be carefully cleaned after machining lest some fine powder or grit gets into the nut when it is installed. 
    Not to mention the issue of possibly poor concentricity between the machined bearing points and the original shaft thread – which is often observed when customers attempt to alter it.
    The resulting eccentricity affects operation, especially for a preloaded ball nut – the result is usually binding with associated higher than normal torque.  Operating in this manner shortens life, often considerably. 
    So why do some other suppliers offer this?  Simply, they have a different business model, or may not care what happens to their product once it’s out the door.

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