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  • How to maintain linear module stage?
    Linear module as a precision automation accessories,do regular cleaning and maintenance work,can ensure the accuracy of operation,stability and service life,as well as improve production efficiency.Specific measures include the following two points:●Do a good job of dust and pollution prevention mea   Read More>
  • What is the difference between linear motor and linear module?
    In the field of industrial automation,the linear motor is actually a kind of transmission device that can achieve linear transmission by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy of linear motion,and no other intermediate mechanism is required in the conversion process.linear module to ach   Read More>
  • What are the advantages of linear modules used in the laser industry?
    Linear module is widely used in laser cutting,laser marking,laser engraving,laser scanning and other equipment.The application of linear modules in the laser industry can achieve accurate control and movement of laser equipment,improve production efficiency and product quality. Here are the main adv   Read More>
  • How do linear modules match motors?
    Linear modules play a key role in automating operations in different industries,replacing manual tasks.Linear modules require appropriate motors to propel their linear motion to ensure smooth operation.1.With stepper motorWhen the linear module requires a low speed and a large torque,the stepper mot   Read More>
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