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How do linear modules match motors?

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Linear modules play a key role in automating operations in different industries,replacing manual tasks.Linear modules require appropriate motors to propel their linear motion to ensure smooth operation.

Linear Module stepper Motor servo motor
linear modules match motors

1.With stepper motor

When the linear module requires a low speed and a large torque,the stepper motor can be considered,and the cost of the stepper motor is lower than that of the servo motor,the stepper motor will linearly decrease in torque at high speed,and it is easy to lose step and lose step.

Linear Module With stepper Motor And servo Motor

2.With servo motor

In the case of high speed and high response,it can maintain a high positioning accuracy regardless of high and low speed,and is more suitable for situations with high requirements.

In general,the linear module is generally matched with two kinds of stepper and servo motors,different motor applications are not the same,only suitable for their own needs is the best,but we also need to consider the following factors when choosing the motor:

●Power requirements:According to the load requirements of the application and the required power output,select the appropriate motor power.

●Speed range:Select the rated speed and maximum speed of the motor according to the speed range required by the application.

●Accuracy requirements:Select the appropriate motor type according to the accuracy requirements of the application,stepper motors and servo motors usually have high position accuracy.

●Control mode: According to the requirements of the application for the control mode,select the appropriate motor type and control system,such as open loop control or closed loop control.

●Reliability and life:Considering the reliability,life and maintenance requirements of the motor,choose the motor brand and model with good performance and reliability.

Linear modules are widely used in measuring,laser welding,laser cutting,gluing machine,spraying machine,punching machine,dispensing machine,small CNC machine tools,engraving and milling machine,sample plotter,cutting bed,load shifting machine,sorting machine,testing machine and applicable education and other equipment,has a certain role in automation equipment,whether large or small factory automation processing machinery are applicable.

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