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  • What’s the difference between belt driven linear modules and ball screw driven linear modules?
    ●Belt driven linear moduleSynchronous belt linear module is a kind of linear transmission device composed of synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel, which is widely used, easy to install and high precision, and is accepted by the majority of users. The belt linear module is mainly composed of b   Read More>
  • What's the application of cross roller guides?
    Cross roller guides are a type of linear guide that is designed to provide high precision and accuracy in linear motion applications.These guides are commonly used in a variety of industries,including aerospace,medical,and semiconductor manufacturing.Here are five specific application cases where cr   Read More>
  • Cautions On Using Ball Screw
    ● Do not let a ball screw nut overrun.It may cause the balls to fall out or damage the ball recirculation parts. ●When using a ball screw vertically,place a fall-off prevention mechanism since a ball screw nut may spin off due to its own weight. ●Use ball screws in clean environments.Dusts and chips   Read More>
  • What should we pay attention to in the selection of linear module?
    Linear modules have been widely used in measuring,laser welding,laser cutting,spraying machine,punching machine,dispensing machine,small CNC machine tool,engraving and milling machine and other equipment manufacturing industry.ALM is the top linear module manufacturer in China.The linear module can   Read More>
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