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What should we pay attention to in the selection of linear module?

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What should we pay attention to in the selection of linear module?

Linear modules have been widely used in measuring,laser welding,laser cutting,spraying machine,punching machine,dispensing machine,small CNC machine tool,engraving and milling machine and other equipment manufacturing industry.

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The linear module can bring convenience to the equipment in this industry:the speed is fast,the repeated positioning accuracy is high,the body weight is light,the equipment space is small,and the life is long.

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Note on the selection of linear module in automation equipment application:

●Determine the use environment of the modular linear module:according to the use of the environment to judge the general environment,clean environment,bad environment?
Determine the installation direction of the slide linear module.Make sure the module's sliding platform is mounted horizontally on the wall or vertically.
Determine the load carried by the linear module.
Calculate the running speed and acceleration of the linear module.
Check the allowable torque of the linear module:calculate the torque value in all directions under static state and acceleration and deceleration state :Ma, Mb, Mc.
Sliding table modular sliding table accuracy level requirements:the requirements of repeated positioning accuracy,walking parallelism requirements,etc.
Determine the installation method of the motor:the commonly used installation methods of the modular slide table include direct connection,left installation of the motor,right installation of the motor,and bottom installation of the motor.
Linear module travel limit switch mode.
Determine the motor specifications and power of the slide linear module.

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