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Linear Guide Clamps

Linear guide clamping brake is also called the guide lock,which is a brake element that directly grips the linear guide or optical shaft.It is composed of the body of the clamp,the actuator,the clamping element,the contact element,etc.,and is a high-performance functional component used with the linear guide rail.Linear guide clamping has the functions of fixed workbench,precise positioning,preventing vibration and improving stiffness.The brake type has the function of emergency braking.

linear guide clamp

Linear Guide Clamp Types

ALM offers pneumatic linear clamp,hydraulic linear guide clamp,manual linear guide clamp.Our linear guide brake is suitable for most linear guides on the market,such as HIWIN,THK,IKO,CPC,NB,ABBA,WON,PMI and other brands of linear guides.

Manual linear guide clamp

Manual linear guide clamp

Pneumatic guide clamp

Pneumatic linear guide clamp

Hydraulic linear guide clamp

Hydraulic linear guide clamp

ALM Linear Guide Clamp Features

(1)Our guide clamp prevents the device from deformation,shaking,vibration,

(2)Linear guide clamping has no effect on the rigidity of motor,ball screw,cylinder and other driving parts,and can obtain a higher position to maintain rigidity.

(3)Reduce the load of the drive class to prevent the load from being transferred to the drive class parts when the slide is stopped.

(4)High retention force,through the unique internal structure, so that the guide rail to obtain great retention force.

(5)Small and easy to load,can be installed between 2 slide seats that are usually free space.

(6)Linear guide brake has no effect on the linear guide rail,and the clamping position avoids the rolling surface of the ball and roller.




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