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4.76mm Trapezoidal Lead Screw

The 4.76mm trapezoidal lead screw stands out as a top-tier component in the realm of linear motion systems.Its precise diameter,trapezoidal thread profile,accuracy,durability,and versatility make Tr4.76 lead screw a preferred choice for applications that demand high performance and reliability.By incorporating this exceptional lead screw into their designs,engineers can elevate the efficiency and precision of their mechanical systems,setting new standards for operational excellence.

ALM Trapezoidal Lead Screw Basic Information
Lead screw material


Lead nut material

Brass,Tin bronze,Phosphor bronze,Aluminum bronze,POM,PEEK,nylon,POK,Stainless steel, 1045,Zinc alloy,Brass+Plastic,Aluminum alloy+Plastic,Brass+Steel,Self lubricating(No oil type)

Available surface coating

Zinc-plated,nickel plated,hard chromium plated,fluorine coated,tungsten disulfide,black chorme plated

Quality standardISO9001:2015,CE certificate,RoHS and reach compliance
Clearance7e,higher precision is available upon request
Custom ServicesCustomized nuts and end machining are available upon drawing

Diameter 4.76mm Trapezoid Lead Screw Popular Models

Tr4.76x0.635 lead screw:diameter 4.76mm,lead 0.635mm,pitch 0.635mm

Tr4.76x1.27 lead screw:diameter 4.76mm,lead 1.27mm,pitch 1.27mm

Tr4.76x1.27 lead screw:diameter 4.76mm,lead 1.27mm,pitch 0.635mm

Tr4.76x5.08 lead screw:diameter 4.76mm,lead 5.08mm,ptch1.27mm

Tr4.76x12.7 lead screw:diameter 4.76mm,lead 12.7mm,ptch1.5875mm

Supports Various Nuts & Shaft End Customization

ALM provides nut and lead screw shaft end machining custom services,the following is the commonn nut & shaft end machining,other lead screw shaft end machining &nut according to customer requirements.(Please send specific drawings to us)

round flange lead screw nut

COM series

double cut flanged lead screw nut

CHT series

cylindrical lead screw nut

CNN series

ALM lead screw nut

WNM series

round flange lead nut

COT series

square flanged lead screw nut

CXT series

ALM round flanged lead screw nut

COU series

square lead screw nut

HNM series

Milling Circlip lead screw

Milling Circlip

Processing Thread lead screw

Processing Thread

Milling Keyway lead screw

Milling Keyway

Milling Slotted Drives lead screw

Milling Slotted Drives

Milling Hex Socket lead screw

Milling Hex Socket

Milling Flat lead screw

Milling Flat

●T4.76mm Trapezoid Lead Screw Advantages

(1)4.76mm trapezoidal lead screw features exceptional accuracy and repeatability.The consistent pitch and thread profile of the screw enable smooth and precise linear motion.Whether used in CNC machines,3D printers,or positioning systems,this Tr4.76 lead screw delivers reliable performance with minimal maintenance requirements.

(2)T4.76 trapezoidal lead screw boasts impressive durability and longevity.Constructed from high-quality materials and manufactured to stringent standards,this lead screw can withstand heavy loads and harsh operating conditions without compromising its performance.Its robust design ensures reliable operation over extended periods,making it a cost-effective solution for various industrial applications.

(3)Tr4.76mm lead screw offers versatility in terms of customization and integration.With a range of nut designs and materials available,users can tailor the screw to suit specific application requirements,whether it be high-speed automation or high-load handling.The screw's compatibility with different motor types and motion control systems further enhances its adaptability, making it a versatile choice for engineers and designers.




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