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Pneumatic Linear Actuators

The pneumatic linear actuator consists of a simple piston in a hollow cylinder.A hand pump or external compressor will move the piston in the cylinder housing.As the pressure increases,the cylinder moves along the piston axis,generating the required linear force.It can be returned to its original retraction length either by recoiling or by adding liquid on the other side of the piston.

ALM Linear pneumatic actuator

Pneumatic Linear Actuator Advantages

(1)Pneumatic linear actuator is a low-cost option and is ideal option for basic,end-to-end positioning applications.

(2)Pneumatic linear actuator structure is simple.Most aluminium cylinders have optimal maximum pressure ratings which allows for a range of forces.

(3)Pneumatic linear actuator is often used in areas of extreme temperatures due to the safety of using air rather than hazardous chemicals or electricity.

Pneumatic Linear Actuator Applications

(1)Material Handling:pick-and-place operations.

(2)Robotic:Utilize actuators to create motion in wheels,clamps,and robot appendages.

(3)Automobile Engine:including engine control,transmission control,and braking systems.
(4)Food And Beverage Production:Commonly used in conveyor systems to move products from one stage of production to the next.

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