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Pneumatic Linear Guide Clamps

Pneumatic clamps are controlled by pneumatic cylinders or actuators that use compressed air to clamp or release the linear rail.Pneumatic clamps provide faster and more efficient clamping and unclamping.Pneumatic linear guide clamps are suitable for applications that require frequent clamping and unclamping or for automated systems where manual operation is not feasible.

ALM Pneumatic Guide Clamping brakes Types

pneumatic Normally Open Linear Guide clamp

Pneumatic normally open type

pneumatic Normally close Linear Guide clamp

Pneumatic normally close type

pneumatic Normally close Linear Guide clamp with braking

Pneumatic normally close with braking

Working Principle Of Pneumatic Guide Clamp

The pneumatic linear guide clamp uses the air source as the power source,and the gas enters from the air inlet to promote the movement of the piston and generate thrust to promote the movement of the wedge block.When the wedge block moves,the friction block is pushed through the roller to make it tightly pressed on the side of the guide rail,generating positive pressure and friction force to achieve the clamping and braking functions.

The wedge block has a force-enhancing effect,which can produce a large positive pressure between the friction block and the side of the guide rail,and then produce a large friction force,and better achieve the clamping and braking functions.When the air is broken,the wedge block returns to the original position under the force of the spring,the friction block is out of contact with the side of the guide rail,and the clamping device exits the clamping or braking working state,so as to complete the entire clamping and loosening action.

Pneumatic Guide Rail Clamp Characteristics

High cost performance.
Air pressure regulation.
Maximum operating air pressure: 6.5bar.
Normally open type: clamp the guide rail when supplying gas;When the air is out,release the clamp.
Normally closed type:when the gas is supplied,the clamping is lifted;When the air is broken,the guide rail is clamped with spring force.

Pneumatic Guide Rail Clamp Applications

By installing a linear rail clamp,high position rigidity can be maintained without affecting the rigidity and clearance of the ball screw and coupling.

Linear Guide clamp for horizontal lathePneumatic linear guide clamp for horizontal lathe
Linear Guide clamp for Multi-axis electric drilling rigPneumatic linear guide clamp for electric drilling rig
Linear Guide clamp for Aluminum frame processing machinePneumatic linear guide clamp for Aluminum frame processing machine




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