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Threaded Nose Ball Screw

high quality threaded nose ballnut ball screw

The round ballnut with thread is highly compact.The cylindrical type with m-thread at the ballnut end.The ballnut should be mounted using m-thread.The ballnut is easy integration into any assembly.It's very popular among linear actuator manufacturers.

ALM Round Ballnut with Thread Ball Screw Basic Information

DiameterMiniature ball screw:3~16mm,large ball screw:16mm~120mm
PitchMiniature ball screw:0.5~20mm,large ball screw:20~32mm
AccuracyC1,C3,C5,C7(JIS standard)
Axial play0~0.005mm(Can be zero)


FeaturesClean and smooth,excellent surface finsh
CertificatesISO9001:2015,CE certificate,RoHS and reach compliance
ALM provides custom service,ball screws can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

ALM Round Ballnut with Thread Ball Screw Advantages:

Easy to install and use.

Provide accurate positioning,excellent repeatability,smooth operation.

Extend the reliability of micro machines,increase the speed and output of micro machines.

Optimized and compact ballnut geometry significantly reduces noise and is less sensitive to misalignment.

ALM Round Ballnut with Thread Ball Screw Intelligent Manufacturing and Inspection

ALM Round Ballnut with Thread Ball Screw Applications

ALM round ballnut with thread ball screw is highly compact.ALM round ballnut with thread ball screw can reduces noise in a variety of medical,laboratory,automation and other small equipment applications.ALM round ballnut ball screw applications are shown in the pictures below:

robot indurty

Robot industry

round ballnut ball screw for medical

Medical industry

round ballnut for laboratory

Laboratory equipments

round ballnut ball screw for packaging machine

Packing machine

round ballnut ball screw for laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine

ball screw for 3D printer

3D printer




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