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Ball Splines

ALM is a leading ball spline manufacturer in China.We design and produce cylindrical nut ball splines,flange nut ball splines,block ball splines and rotary ball splines.We provide professional linear motion products and solutions to our global customers.Ball splines enable rotation and linear motion on a single axis,our ball splines are widely adapted for applications requiring high speed,vibration,shock loads,precise positioning,and high torsional loads.

flange Nut Ball splineFlanged Type Ball Spline

The flange type ball spline can be used to mount the spline nut to a surface or housing.Flange nut ball spline is easy to assemble and provides stability and support for the linear motion system.Our commonly produced standard flange nut ball splines are SLF,SOF series ball splines,other flange type ball splines can be processed according to customer drawings.

Cylindrical Type Ball SplineCylindrical Type Ball Spline

This spline nut is with a straight cylindrical shape without flange and this is the most compact spline nut in our ball spline product line.The standard mode of mounting a cylindrical nut is by using a key.The cylindrical nut will have a keyway and separate key. 

block type ball spline

Block Type Ball spline

Our block Type ball Spline enable continuous linear motion of slide units moving smoothly along a spline shaft.Solid and hollow shafts available to suit different application needs.Interchangeable specifications allow slide units and spline shafts to be mixed and matched easily to meet the needs of specific applications.

rotary ball splinesRotary Ball Spline

Rotary ball spline is a linear motion mechanism utilizing the recirculating motion of ball elements.The spline nut is integrated with the support bearings and a highly accurate,compact design can be achieved.The ball spline can be used in a wide variety of applications including robotics and transport equipment.




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