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Ball Screws

ALM is a top ball screws manufacturer and supplier in China.Our ball screws are utilized in challenging settings such as machine tools,handling machinery,and specialized equipment in the medical and aerospace industries.Our wide range of ball screws includes custom ball screw,miniature rolled ball screws,micro ground ball screws,large ground ball screws,standard ball screws and bi-directional ball screws,covering nearly all types needed for linear motion applications.


We always offers the perfect solution for linear motion based on each customer's specific requirements,including load,speed,rigidity,accuracy,service life,and reliability.We uphold rigorous quality inspection to ensure our ball screws deliver exceptional performance,quality,and reliability to customers.

custom ball screws

Customized Ball Screws

If you have the notion,ALM has the motion.Customized linear motion solution is never a problem for us.Just send us your drawing,we can make it exactly.A wide range of ballnut shape and design are available.

miniature ball screws

Miniature Ground Ball Screws

ALM miniature ground ball screws diameter range from 3mm to 16mm.Ball screw lead and pitch:0.5mm to 20mm.ALM grouball screw accuracy:C0~C5(JIS B1192 standard).

ground ball screw

Micro Rolled Ball Screws

One of the world's three holders of hard-rolling cold rolled screw technology.ALM possessed exclusive hard roll cold rolling technology.

rolled ball screw

Large Ground Ball Screws

High precision large ground ball screws.diameter 16mm~120mm.Accuracy grade:C1,C3,C5 Positioning accuracy report by laser lead measuring instrument available with each shipment.

TBI ball screw

Standard Ball Screws

You can not only get high quality replaceable ball screw with ALM brand,but also original TBI and HIWIN ball screws are available.TBI SFU ball screw,DFU ball screw,SFK ball screw,SFS ball screw,HIWIN ball screw FSV seres,FDV series,FDW series,FSI series,RSI series,FDI series,RDI series,PFDW series,PFDI series,OFSW series,OFSI series. 

bi-directional ball screws

Bi-directional Ball Screws

Twin lead left hand thead and right hand thread combo ball screws are widely used for textile industry,wrapping machine,industry door etc.




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