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Lock nut

precision Lock Nuts

The locking nut is used to provide locking action to prevent loosening under vibration and torque.ALM offers compatible lock nuts with radial or axial clamping functions.

RK lock nutRK type lock nut

RK type nut top wire without copper pad,very economical.Suitable for bearing support seat,screw support seat.The thread and end face are processed at the same time to ensure the assembly accuracy,square design and easy disassembly.

RN lock nutRN type lock nut

RN type nut is suitable for bearing support seat,screw support seat,double copper washer design,no thread damage,square design,easy disassembly.

F type lock nutF type lock nut

The locking copper of F-type lock nut is designed at an angle of 30 with the thread,and does not bear the axial load actingon the thread.When the nut is locked,the threaded surface will not contact the load and the nut will not deform.

R type lock nutR type lock nut

R type lock nut three-point radial locking copper,with uniform locking force and high precision without damaging the thread.The design thicknessis relatively thin,which is suitable for environments with short locking threads and limited space.




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