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Electric Linear Actuators

The electric linear actuator is a new type of electric actuator,and the electric push rod is mainly composed of a motor,a push rod and a control device,which can achieve remote control and centralized control.Electric push rod in a certain range of travel for round-trip movement,the general electric linear actuator standard stroke are 100,150,200,250,300,350,400 mm,special stroke can also be customized according to different application conditions.

Electric Linear Actuator Types

I type Linear Actuator

I type

U type Linear Actuator

U type

L type linear actuator

L type

ALM Electric Linear Actuator Advantages

(1)High speed,low current drive

(2)Reliable IP67/66 protection
(3)Cost-effective,almost maintenance-free
(4)Self-locking force up to 20000 N
(5)Easy to install, high-speed smooth operation,no vibration

(6)Accurate and absolute analog position output,non-contact wear resistant,no calibration required

(7)Linear actuator is equipped with an exhaust port to balance the pressure and ensure the good operation of the sealing system




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