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Stepper Motors

Stepper motor basic structure includes a stator,a rotor and a drive circuit.The stator consists of magnets,usually divided into two or more pole pairs.The rotor is the rotating part of the motor,usually consisting of a set of magnets or magnetic materials.The drive circuit is used to control the flow of current through the stator,which causes the movement of the rotor.

Stepper Motor structure

Stepper Motor Types

Hybrid stepper motors

Hybrid stepper motors

Flat motors

Flat motors

Hollow-shaft motors

Hollow-shaft motors

Stepper motors IP65

Stepper motors IP65

Stepper Motor Working Principle

The motion of the stepper motor is realized by gradually activating the electromagnetic coil on the stator. There are two main types of stepper motors:single-phase and dual-phase stepper motors.Single-phase stepper motor generates a magnetic field by changing the direction of the current,which pushes the rotor.Dual-phase stepper motor is powered alternately between two adjacent electromagnetic coils,allowing the rotor to move in a more stable manner.

Stepper motor is usually controlled by pulse signal.Each pulse causes the motor to rotate at a fixed angle,which is called the step angle.By controlling the number and frequency of input pulses,precise position control can be achieved.

Stepper Motor Applications

Stepper motors are widely used for machine tools,printers,robots,textile industry,medical equipment and so on.Because of its high accuracy and reliable operation,it is the ideal choice in many automation fields.

stepper motor for Auto industry

Auto industry

Stepper motors For 3D printer

3D printer

stepper motor for agricultural field

Agricultural field

Stepper motors for Smart home industry

Smart home industry

Stepper motors for medical equipmentMedical equipment
Stepper motors For warehousing system

Warehousing system

Stepper motors for Injection molding machine

Injection molding machine

Stepper motors for CNC machine

CNC machine




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