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Why Choose ALM ?
As the professional manufacturer for linear motion systems,Auto linear motion is proud of a deticated engineer team.

Professional Team

All of them are well trained and with rich projects experience and khnowledge.They are the experts in ball screw,lead screw,liner guideways etc.

Good Reputation

We frenquently receive praise from our customers on product quality or service.Contact us!We can send you the record.

Superior Quality

We focus on delivery 100% good quality products instead of wasting client’s time returning faulty products.

Best Service

Any inquiry or questions will get concerned response within 2 H.
Learning Zone
  • [Lead Screw] What is a multi-start thread screw?
    What is a multi-start thread screw? In general, there is one ball groove in one screw shaft. This is called a “single start thread” screw.When two or more ball grooves are involved, such screws are collectively called “multi-start thread”screws.As the lead becomes larger, the spaces between ball gro Read More
  • [Ball Screw] Introduction about ball screws
    (Accuracy) The difference between the actual distance traveled compared to the theoretical travel based on the lead of the screw. The lead error for a standard screw will not exceed +/-.007” per foot and a premium grade screw will not exceed +/-.003” per foot. Lead error is cumulative based on the actual length of the ballscrew thread. Ref. Class 7-8 ANSI B5.48-1977. Lead charts describing incremental lead deviation offsets can be supplied (upon request). These incremental offsets can be input into motion controllers for lead error compensation. Read More
  • [Ball Screw] Miniature Ball Screw Application
    ALM provides a wide range of ballscrews to satisfy your special requirements.Following is ALM's miniature ball screws' typical application.With rich project experience,I believe we can be of great help to you. Read More




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