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Hot Sale Cross Roller Double Linear Guide VR18

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  • VR18-1100

  • ALM

  • 8479909090

The charactics of cross roller linear guide

1. Finite-stroke linear motion: Since the roller moves at 1/2 of the speed of the guide rail relative to the guide rail, if there is no limit, the roller and its cage will be separated from the guide rail after reaching a certain stroke. The movement of the cross-roller guide rail is a finite-stroke linear motion.

2. Can withstand multi-directional loads and torque: Intersected roller, no matter which direction the load comes from, can always have half of the roller can be used to bear, therefore, cross roller guide can withstand multi-directional loads and torque. It can be seen that the bearing capacity of cross roller guide is positively related to the number of rollers.

3. Pre-tightening can be adjusted at any time: the pre-tightening degree of the motion mechanism of the cross-roller guideway can be changed at any time by adjusting the lateral tightening device of the guide strip.

cross roller guide structure

cross roller rail

Cross roller linear guides production and quality detection

How cross roller linear guide is produced

ball bearing factory made in China

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