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5.56mm Trapezoidal Lead Screw

Diameter 5.56mm lead screw features a trapezoidal thread profile,which provides a higher load-carrying capacity and improved efficiency compared to other screw types.The 5.56mm diameter trapezoidal screw is widely used in the stepper motor and automotive industry.

Diameter 5.56mm Lead Screw Popular Models

5.56mm trapezoidal lead screw  information:

●Lead screw material:C45,SUS303,SUS304,SUS316

●Common Used Models: Tr5.56x1.22 lead screw,Tr5.56x2.44 lead screw,Tr5.56x4.88 lead screw,Tr5.56x9.75 lead screw

●Lead screw nut matrial: Brass,Tin bronze,Phosphor bronze,Aluminum bronze,POM,PEEK,nylon,POK,Stainless steel, 1045,Zinc alloy,Brass+Plastic,Aluminum alloy+Plastic,Brass+Steel,Self lubricating(No oil type)

●Lead screw surface costing:Zinc-plated,nickel plated,hard chromium plated,fluorine coated,tungsten disulfide,black chorme plated

ALM 5.56mm diameter lead screw Projects:
High-Precision CNC Milling Machine:Our lead screws have been successfully integrated into a CNC milling machine, ensuring precise and smooth movement,resulting in high-quality machined parts.

Large-Scale 3D Printer:The 5.56mm Trapezoidal Lead Screw has been utilized in a large-scale 3D printer,enabling accurate and reliable movement of the print bed, leading to excellent print quality and dimensional accuracy.

Industrial Robotic Arm:Our lead screws have been incorporated into an industrial robotic arm,providing precise and repeatable motion for various manufacturing processes,improving productivity and efficiency.

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