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  • What Changes Will Linear Motors Bring To 3D Printer?
    With the rapid development of technology,3D printing has become a popular and revolutionary manufacturing method.It has brought significant changes to various industries,including automotive,aerospace,and medical.However,the traditional 3D printers often face challenges in terms of speed,precision,a   Read More>
  • Linear Motor Drive Development History
    Since the 1970s,with the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials,vector control technology and power electronics technology,permanent magnet synchronous motors have appeared in the motion control industrial field. The synchronous belt,gear&rack and ball screw driven by the permanent ma   Read More>
  • What are the maintenance methods of linear motor modules?
    The linear motor module is usually composed of grating encoder supporting grating ruler, precision guide rail, stator and actuator, of which the precision guide rail is used as the guiding support,which greatly reduces the wear between the parts, and its service life is greatly improved compared wit   Read More>
  • What are the advantages of linear motor in automated packaging?
    In automated packaging,linear motor drives help engineers easily cope with changing package sizes.The high precision and high motion stability of the ALM MHT series linear motor and MTF series linear electric motor can reliably extend the accuracy to almost any imaginable stroke length,which has gre   Read More>
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