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What are the advantages of linear motor in automated packaging?

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In automated packaging,linear motor drives help engineers easily cope with changing package sizes.The high precision and high motion stability of the ALM MHT series linear motor and MTF series linear electric motor can reliably extend the accuracy to almost any imaginable stroke length,which has great advantages over transmission devices such as ball screws.When the drive length is large,the ball screw may have a drive shaft distortion,fracture and other problems, the choice of linear motor without these concerns.

MHT Linear motor

MHT Linear Motor

MHT linear motor module

MHT Linear  Motor Module

MTF3 linear motor (2)

MTF Linear motor 

MTF linear motor module

MTF linear motor module

On the other hand,flexibility is a characteristic necessary to highly guarantee the integrity of the packaged product in the design of the packaging machine,and the linear motor enters the packaging machinery industry,which can bring high flexibility to industrial applications.Flexibility is crucial for packaging equipment engineers,and linear motors are more "flexible" than screw drives.

A linear drive consisting of a rotating servo motor and a ball screw may start and stop numerous times in the same position and eventually cause wear.The linear motor has limited mechanical contact and will not wear after repeated operation.This means that you can extend the service life and improve productivity. This is the practical value of linear motors.


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